‘The Seven Heads of Gog Magog’ is a blog-with-music written by EF Bausor.


The seven heads have awoken.

From 14th October to 4th November 2014, every Tuesday and Friday, I uploaded seven musical tracks of unknown origin. I also attempted to elucidate each of these recordings in an accompanying blog post.

I call these tracks ‘oracles’, because they are premonitory or prophetic emanations that seem to have issued from – or through – seven objects from museums in Cambridge. This may seem a fanciful notion, but in the course of my blog I have attempted to comprehend what this idea could mean, primarily by engaging with the words of the oracles themselves. I request that you visit Cambridge and the seven museum objects in order to play each recording in their presence, new-creating the moment of the oracle’s original ‘utterance’.

Each of the seven mythologically polymorphous blog posts does not reveal the ‘true’ meaning of each recording, rather it attempts to speculate on the nature of it’s enigma. Together the posts explore – with the help of my ‘beast-mates’ and the stories of Jane Ellen Harrison, Orpheus, Syd Barrett, Rat and Mole, TC Lethbridge and others – the possibility of a return to a golden age of the ‘real gods’, and to life itself.

The seven heads have spoken.

Emma Florence Bausor.